Exporting for Cricut (Pro Feature)

You can now export a high resolution transparent image of your previews and use them with your Cricut.

We know that you love using script fonts with your crafting work. We also know that it can take some time to get script fonts work exactly as they supposed to in Cricut Design Space. With the new export image feature, after choosing the best font for your project, you can now export it into Cricut Design Space and continue your work there.

To export a word or a phrase

  1. Enter a text to preview your fonts
  2. Select as many previews as you want
  3. Click the Filter selected fonts button
  4. Hover over any of the selected fonts and click the + Details button
  5. Click the Export button (on top left)
  6. Select your preffered resolution, higher resolution works better for big
  7. Click the Download button to save a PNG image

To import into Cricut Design Space

Read Uploading Images into Design Space on Cricut's website for up-to-date information.

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