Character Map (Pro Feature)

Access all the stylistic alternative characters or language specific characters in your fonts.

With the character map feature, you can;

To access the character map of a font

  1. Enter a text to preview your fonts
  2. Select thoe fonts you are interested in
  3. Click the Filter selected fonts button
  4. Click any of the selected font previews to zoom in
  5. Click Show all characters / Guess alternative characters on the bottom of the window

Alternative characters are guessed based on the name of the characters in your text. Therefore, as an exampe, for the letter S it would list the characters Space, Six, along with S_alt1, S_alt2, etc. as alternatives.

To use a character in your text

  1. Click the character you want to use
  2. Wordmarkwill copy the character and slide the window out ov view
  3. Select the letter you want to replace in your text
  4. Paste by using CTRL + V (Windows) or Command + V (Mac) keys

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