helps you choose fonts

Did you ever find yourself squinting at a list of fonts, in a drop-down menu, trying to find the right font? Only to find out that the font that you picked doesn't even look good with your text?

Wordmark shows your text with all* your fonts, arranged in a visual grid, allowing you to compare and pick the best one.

  1. Enter a word, phrase or paragraph,
  2. See how your text looks with your fonts,
  3. Scroll through and select the ones that are promising,
  4. Finally, isolate and compare them to pick the best.

You can use Wordmark to pick the right font for your crafting projects, logo, sign, poster, invitation, school projects, quotes, anywhere that you want to make a difference with the right font.

* Wordmark can show all the fonts you have installed on your computer by using the new Local Font Access functionality currently supported by Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. You can read more about this on Seeing your installed fonts.

Previewing Words, Paragraphs and Letters

Type a word, phrase, paragraph or a letter into the big text area and hit Enter on your keyboard. Wordmark will show you how your text looks with the fonts on your computer. You can scroll through the results and choose a few options by clicking on them.

Adjusting the Font Sizes

Wordmark automatically adjusts the size of the fonts based on the length of your entry. You can also increase or decrease the sizes by clicking the Smaller / Bigger buttons on view options. Larger sizes are easier to see but not as many fonts will fit on your screen at once.

Filtering Selected Fonts

If you have a lot of fonts, deciding on one would be difficult. A practical way is to go through all the options, select your favorites and isolate them to compare and make a final decision.

Let’s say you want to use a fun looking font. You would enter your text, hit Enter and your text will appear in all of your fonts.

Scroll through your options and click the fonts that are close to what you are looking for. Then, click Filter selected fonts button on the top right of the window. The rest of the fonts will disappear and you will be able to compare your favorites.

You can narrow down your selection by removing the ones you don’t like. Click the Remove × button on the top right of the font preview to do so. This button is only visible when you hover over the preview with the mouse.

Zooming into details

After isolating your favorites with the “Filter selected fonts” button, you can also look at the details of each of your choices.

Zooming into the details is especially useful to check out all the characters included in the font.

Just click the font preview after filtering selected fonts to do so.

You can save the zoomed preview as an image or print it out as well. Check out Saving an image and Printing fonts articles for details.

Click the Close button on the top right to go back to the original size.

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